Dimplex Tubes

What is Solar Thermal?

A solar thermal collector absorbs sunlight to collect heat for generating domestic hot water.

What are the benefits?

Solar thermal can provide up to 70 percent of an average households water needs. The systems can work all year around although water may need to be heated further in winter months, this will ultimately save money on your heating bill. Further savings can also be made by benefiting from renewable heat incentives.

Which solar thermal systems do we use?

We use TiSUN as a respected market leader of solar thermal systems. Their product development has resulted in systems that are known for functioning flawlessly.

We also use AMK-Solac products, the award winning company is known for their pioneering high performance technologies. AMK has 15 years experience in developing and producing evacuated tube collectors which are at European standards of quality (Euro-Norm).

Evacuated Tubes

Direct flow evacuated tubes are extremely versatile and can be mounted in almost any orientation including flat on the roof as no minimum slope angle is required. Therefore the range of applications is far wider than for flat plate collectors. Additionally the tubes can also be individually rotated toward the angle of incidence to maximise efficiency


Key Features

• High quality direct flow evacuated tube solar collectorsfor medium and high temperature hot water applications

• Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

• Full vacuum direct flow tube

• Innovative high mechanical strength glass to metal seal

• Easy ‘plug in’ connections for:

• Quick installation

• Simple tube replacement

• Standard tube spacing – even with multiple collectors/manifolds

• Easy to install – “one man job”

• Wide variety of mounting options including:

• Tiled Roof, Slate Roof

• Flat Roof (not elevated, collector laid flat)

• Facade mounting

• High quality double ‘o’ ring connections ensure high quality, long lasting product

• Tubes can be rotated for optimal thermal efficiency

• 20 and 30 tube kits available which can be connected to create systems of up to 70 tubes

• 10 year product warranty