What is Solar PV? (solar panels)

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) (SOLAR PANELS)  is the technology that converts solar energy into usable power, put simply it generates electricity from light.

What are the benefits?

Solar PV system users benefit from the governments Feed-in-Tariff incentive which provides a tax-free payment to you for the energy your system generates, whether it’s used by you or returned to the grid. Users will see their standard electricity bill reduced through using the energy their own system generates.

Which Solar Panels do we offer?

We only offer the highest standards of Solar PV systems which is why Phono, REC  and SolarWorld are our chosen providers.

Solar power is more than a livelihood to the solar professionals at REC Solar. We have been installing solar electric systems since 1997, before most solar installers were in business. REC use the most up-to-date materials and procedures in the solar industry to ensure that every installation will maximize owners’ satisfaction.  We have the experience and resources to provide the highest quality installation.

Phono Solar is a leading brand in the renewable energy industry, producing high quality solar products since 2004. The Phono Solar brand has become synonymous with high performing, top quality photovoltaic panels and specializes in PV technology innovation, application and system development. Phono Solar panels have been installed in countries all over the world, including the USA, Germany, UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.,

We also offer SolarWorld panels which are built with machine precision and quality to offer high performance. Over three decades of experience and improvements, these panels are of award-winning performance.

In a very short period, SolarWorld AG rapidly grew from a wholesale company to a solar provider with processes along the entire value chain – from raw materials to solar wafers, solar cells, solar modules right up to high-quality turnkey solar power plants.
Today, the company benefits from the fact that it pioneered the full solar value chain system: It has modern factories for all phases of production to provide full services to the solar market. SolarWorld AG also drives solar power technology development at all levels in its in-house facilities.